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Local Produce Fruit: How to Get Grapes, Lemons, Lychee

There are lots of different fruits in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android, but some are harder to get your hands on than others!

The newest fruit added to Pocket Camp are the Local Produce fruits of Grapes, Lemons, and Lychee. Each player has a Local Produce tree in both the Lost Lure Creek and Breezy Hollow locations.

However, your local produce fruit tree will only grow one of the three possible fruits. You may get either Grapes, Lemons, or Lychee growing on your tree. To get the other two fruits that your game isn’t growing, you’ll need to make use of other players’ Market Boxes.

It’s easy to view the Market Box of players on your friends list to look for missing fruits you need, but if you don’t have many friends there’s another option. You can just talk to any player you encounter at locations in the game to view their Market Box, even if you’re not friends.

Be sure to put your own local produce fruit type up on your Market Box to sell to others for some free bells! Not to mention helping out your friends with their own fruit hunting.

Having trouble finding your local produce fruit trees? In Lost Lure Creek, the tree can be found in the very top left of the area. For Breezy Hollow, the tree is located in the very bottom left.

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