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Collectible Figurine pre-order bonus in the UK for Animal Crossing: New Leaf (UPDATED)

7 years ago 19 Comments


We’ve spotted a Collectible Figurine pre-order bonus advertised on the newly launched website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the UK.

Those who pre-order Animal Crossing: New Leaf at GAME will be receiving an Isabelle figurine and a Town Hall model with her. We’re still waiting on details about whether this pre-order bonus will be offered at other retailers.

I’m hoping that North American retailers will be offering this pre-order bonus soon as well.

Nintendo of Europe’s official website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now live

7 years ago 9 Comments


Following today’s Nintendo Direct, the official website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Europe has gone live. Some of the site is still locked down until we’re closer to release but there’s still plenty to see at the moment. Check it out here.

One thing I noticed while browsing the site is that the Rich Town Ordinance (town law) seems to have been renamed “Bell Boom” in Europe. Check out the screenshot above.