New video and screenshots of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf amiibo update from September’s Nintendo Direct

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We have brand new video and five fresh screenshots of Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s upcoming update. The video comes from today’s Nintendo Direct, while the screenshots are sourced directly from Nintendo’s press site. Enjoy!






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  • Jimmy Boy

    So, in other words, here’s the part people said they’d rather have than paying $40 for HHD? Oh, but don’t worry, the New Leaf bundle is likely to be full price, but comes with a $1 card!! Nothing like continuing to milk these amiibo cards!

    • full price? The game is now part of the Nintendo Selects line so its $19.99. The update will be free and the new cards optional.

      • Hermione Granger

        there is a new edition coming of ac its called ‘amiibo welcome’ that will come with a card and the update on the game cartridge… the select games dont have this new update on the cart, you must download it. that means you have an uncomplete game… so the new amiibo welcome edition i will gladly buy. anything to get the most complete edition of this game in physical format.

        • ah ok I was able to see the latest Nintendo Direct and it confirmed it well for me. bugger I just bought AC new leaf just two days ago and now there is this version coming. oh well no biggie.

          • Hermione Granger

            you know what you are not alone doing that. but when it comes to nintendo reduce prices and stuff there usually will be a new version coming… you just gotta read the signs. but you can always trade in at gamestop or something. then just use the money to get the new version.

        • Margaret R

          So are you saying you want the new physical version for collectors purposes?

          • Hermione Granger

            yes and for play too.

  • NicksFixed

    Nintendo: Expand your Animal Crossing™ horizons with a ****free**** update, coming this fall!

  • maria richardson

    new leaf could be 1000 times better if there was more things to do with friends other than tours.