You may be able to download Animal Crossing 3DS digitally

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Nintendo held an investor meeting recently and at this meeting Iwata has revealed Nintendo’s plans to offer full retail games digitally on the eShop starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS in August 2012. That’s pretty cool, but how does that relate to Animal Crossing you might say? Well, later in the meeting Iwata had the following to say about retail games going digital:

“Nintendo publishes various titles that enable you to enjoy daily communication, such as “nintendogs,” “Animal Crossing” and “Tomodachi Collection,” in addition to the ones like “Onitore” (temp.), with which you might like to practice every day, and database-type software like “Hana to Ikimono Rittai Zukan” (sold in Japan only). It must be easier for the Nintendo 3DS owners to feel the merit of being able to carry around only the Nintendo 3DS system with, in particular, these kinds of software titles stored inside. As for other kinds of software, users who like to play different game titles in turn on one Nintendo 3DS system should feel that this option is handy.”

Basically Iwata is saying that for games like Animal Crossing it would be great to have a digital copy on your 3DS so you don’t have to carry about the game cart as well. From this we can assume Animal Crossing 3DS will be available for digital download in addition to retail on launch. Expect to hear more about this and more at E3 2012 in June!

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