How Nintendo can make Animal Crossing 3DS the best AC ever

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As we countdown to E3 2012 in anticipation of new information for Animal Crossing 3DS, I’m starting a series of opinion pieces about the game. Be sure to check the blog often for more posts!

With Animal Crossing 3DS set to be the most anticipated game of the series so far Nintendo needs to pull out all the tricks to create the best Animal Crossing game yet. Many people have complained that City Folk offered little more than the previous versions and the 3DS game needs to be more than just a small update.

I’ve spent a little while thinking of what the series badly needs that it hasn’t already gotten yet. Here’s what Nintendo needs to do in my opinion to make sure Animal Crossing 3DS is the best game in the series…

Expanded Online Capabilities

With more and more of Animal Crossing players playing the game online over the Internet Nintendo needs to put more effort into the online components on the game. Probably the biggest upgrade the online capabilities could get is an increase in the limit on players in a town at once. For the last two online versions of the game the limit has remained at a disappointing 4 players.

The 3DS is more powerful than both the DS and Wii, so it should be capable of handling a higher player limit. It’s also rumoured that the town in AC 3DS will much larger so now is a perfect time to raise the limit. If Mario Kart 7 can handle 8 players on the 3DS, why not Animal Crossing 3DS?

If the game features a second area, such as a city, large shopping mall or island, it would be great to have the ability to play online in that area unlike the city in City Folk which was unfortunately off limits while playing online!

More Customization Options

I don’t think you’ll see anyone complaining about more customization options! They don’t in the way for those who don’t want them, while people who do want them are happy.

The customization options would include being able to change where major buildings and bridges are built in your town, as well as less significant objects like benches, lamp posts and clock posts Perhaps you could even construct custom walkways

Some of these options may already be planned for the game but we don’t know the specifics yet. It sure would be great if these all were planned for the actual game!

Bring Back the Island

If there’s one thing I dearly miss from the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, it’s the island that you could go to! For those who never played the Gamecube version or need a refresher since it’s been so long, the island was a private place you could travel to by boat if you plugged in your Game Boy Advance.

On this private island you had your own island house that you could decorate with furniture and other objects just like your main house on the main land. The other great thing was the season stayed summer year round, meaning you could catch summer bugs in the winter on the island! Finally, you could create your own island flag and raise it on the flag pole!

It would be great to see the ideas of the Gamecube island expanded to be bigger and better in Animal Crossing 3DS. I suspect this will happen based on this concept art of the town, which includes a large island in the bottom right. You can also see a boat or two in the water suggesting the island will be accessible to the player!


That’s what I think Nintendo needs to do for Animal Crossing 3DS to make the best Animal Crossing game yet. What do you think though? Leave a comment below telling us what you think Nintendo should do for AC 3DS! Anyway, E3 is just 32 days away now so I’m excited as ever. If you haven’t yet, pre-order Animal Crossing 3DS from Amazon by clicking here!

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