Updated release dates for each region from Nintendo’s Quarterly Earnings report

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Nintendo just released their earnings report for this last quarter and with that comes an updated launch schedule for each region. To summarize, the current official release timeframes are as follows…

Japan: Fall 2012

North America: TBD (to be dated)

Europe: 2013

The source of this data can be found in the Quarterly Earnings PDF report on Nintendo’s website.

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Still no Animal Crossing… At least I can look forward to something this year; Professor Layton



My theory is that the United States WILL see AC:3DS this year in the Fall. If you look at the release dates for Wild World and City Folk, both games released within 2 weeks of the Japan release date. In fact, City Folk actually released in the U.S. 4 days BEFORE it was released in Japan! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope (and pray) that Nintendo makes up its mind soon. I know I’ve had just about enough of this waiting BS… I’m beginning to think that this is part of Nintendo’s marketing strategy. Typical.


I wanna be a indie video game developer and when I do I will never treat my fanbase like this. some of the things nintendo and other companies do just teach me lessons of what not to do when I start a business.


Well I don’t feel they’re doing anything wrong. I have to admit I hate the suspense, but it keeps the heat off of them from EU because NA has seen AC releases within 2 weeks of Japan.

Back on point though, it’s good marketing. They’ve released snippits over the past 2 years, and the hype is only building. When it comes out they’ll have a bigger explosion of sales just because of the wait.


This marketing strategy is unprofessional and doesn’t even make sense, its almost the last month of summer and they haven’t told america anything. And these “replies” (excuses) are petty and half thought out and also they try to change the subject in the “replies” (excuses)

And plus nintendo translated (leave luck to heaven) sounds like a black market sales pitch made by a hobo. (I know I went too far but don’t you agree about the black market thing)


this is awesome XD I hope the game come out soon

calm your tits everyone is excited 😀


If Japan gets it in Fall 2012, and Europe gets it in the beginning 2013, then than means that we might get the game in the winter of 2012 cause the US is in the middle of all of those release dates :D

super smash bros shouldn’t even be on the list the game just got into developement