Latest Animal Crossing 3DS tidbits from Famitsu

7 years ago 6 Comments

We’re just getting word of a few small details from the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu. At this time there are no scans but stay tuned for those hopefully soon!

  • There is a Reset Monitoring Center in the game
  • Mr. Resetti yells at you when you reset the game
  • Determine your own laws and what you want the town to be like
  • Laws will be setup only once
  • You can make it so that your town is where flowers grow easily, a morning-type town, a rich town, and so on
  • You can have a town that doesn’t sleep, which extends the amount of hours a store stays open
  • Pay Sahara 3000 Bells and she’ll help you out with wallpaper and carpet decorations
  • Use QR codes to bring in items made in My Design PRO