Tweet #14: Working at the Coffee Shop

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In this new tweet, we can see that the player is serving a cup of coffee to Shizue. From what I can tell, you can work a part-time job in Brewster’s Coffee Shop serving coffee for the town’s citizens. As for how you are compensated for your work, that is unknown. Perhaps you can get free coffee any time you want! Or, maybe just a normal Bell wage.

For further proof that is this is Brewster’s Coffee Shop, you can see the edge of his character model on the left side of the screenshot. Looks like you’ll be working alongside him!

Google Translation:

Hmm considered, Hello! I’m just going to rest a little with a cup of coffee now, and Take in a cafe! Favorite flavor, coffee Please be part-time job are better today ~ ♪ I’m very delicious
Editor’s Note: The official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter account (@doubutsuno_mori) is tweeting new information and screenshots daily! We’ll be posting any new screenshots that come from these onto the Blog.

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