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Visit The Houses of People You Streetpassed:
At the Happy Home Exhibition Street in front of the shopping street, you can visit the model houses of people you street passed. Any piece of furniture you like you can also order through mail order sales!

Take a Relaxing Vacation on the Island of Endless Summer!
Former Mayor Tortimer, after retiring, is now living on this resort island of endless summer. You can take many kinds of tours and purchase gifts to bring home amongst other things. Enjoy a relaxing vacation either by yourself or with everyone you know!

Visit Lots of Towns in Your Dreams!
When you sleep in the Dream House, you visit an actual person’s real town. You can freely walk around their town and visit houses while dreaming!

Make a Best Friend!
Become best friends with your Nintendo 3DS friends! If both you and your friend save one another as best friends, you will be informed of when that person comes online and even if you aren’t currently visiting their town, you can still talk to them by sending messages!

KK’s Famous Tunes Are Now Club Music?!
Every Saturday night you can enjoy listening to KK Slider’s music at “Club 444.” (Note: Club 444 in Japanese is referred to as “Club Shi Shou” or “Club See Show” – it’s a cute pun.) From Sunday to Friday, during D.J. KK Time, you can enjoy KK’s normal sound with a club music twist!

Say Hi to Far Away Friends!
When using your megaphone, you can call one of your animal friends by saying their name inot the 3DS mic. Even if they are far away they can still hear you and respond!

Swim, Dive, and Fully Enjoy the Sea!
If you are wearing a Swim Suit (they called it a Marine Suit in Japanese), you can swim in the ocean and dive beneath the water. Pay close attention to the depths and you can collect items that you can’t via fishing like special shells, sea grapes, and others!

November 2012
17th: Fishing tournament
22nd: Harvest Festival

December 2012
8th: Fishing Tournament
21st: Winter Solstice
24th: Christmas
31st: New Years Countdown

January 2013
1st: New Years
19th: Fishing Tournament

February 2013
3rd: Setsubun (its a Japanese holiday where someone dresses up as an “oni” (demon) and you throw beans at him. Most likely will be changed in localization.)
9th: Fishing Tournament
11th: Carnival

March 2013
3rd: Girl’s Festival/Doll Festival (another Japanese holiday where girls get very nice, expensive Japanese styled dolls, will also probably change in localization).
16th: Fishing Tournament
31st: Easter

April 2013
1st: April Fools Day
13th: Fishing Tournament

May 2013
5th: Children’s Fay (Another Japanese Holiday).
18th: Fishing Tournament

June 2013
15th: Bug Catching Tournament
21th: Summer Solstice

July 2013
7th: Tanabata (Star Festival, another Japanese holiday about star crossed lovers– look it up, it is a good story )
20th: Bug Catching Tournament

August 2013
4th, 11th, 18th, 25th: Fireworks Festival
15th: Obon (Japanese holiday, where they spend time with their families, visit graves of those deceased, etc).
17th: Bug Catching Tournament

September 2013
3rd: Grass Day *you need to have opened the “Gardening store” to have this take place
19th: Moon Viewing Day
21st: Bug Catching Tournament

October 2013
12th: Fishing Tournament
31st: Halloween

November 2013
16th: Fishing Tournament
28th: Harvest Festival

December 2013
14th: Fishing Tournament
22nd: Winter Solstice
24th: Christmas
31st: New Years Countdown

Thanks to Saratoga from TBT and Daniel from GoNintendo for these translations.

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