Updated details on Grass Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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A few months back before the game released, we reported on a new holiday in Animal Crossing: New Leaf called Grass Day. Turns out we got it pretty wrong (oops) so we’re back today with updated details on the holiday! Read all about it below:

Grass Day occurs on September 3rd at 6:00am when Reji/Lazy (the Garden Shop owner) visits your village to bring your town together for some good old fashioned weed picking! And by the town, we mean you. (when do the villagers actually help you?)

Speak with Reji/Lazy and he’ll tell you how many weeds (no clovers!) he wants picked. Complete the tasks to receive a piece of the Flower Set furniture. Four pieces of the set can be gained from picking weeds in your own town. (the A section in the picture below)


But wait, there are 12 pieces of furniture! Now what? You need to visit other towns on Grass Day. Every 30 weeds picked in another town will earn you a random piece of the B section of Flower Set furniture.

Two final notes: The event ends at 7:00pm and it requires a built Garden Shop to occur.

Special thanks to Zen for helping out with this post!

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