A second set of 7 Eleven Promotional Items are coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan

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You may remember that back in December, Nintendo released a set of promotional items for 7 Eleven. Apparently, the promotion was a success as a second set of new items are releasing in March and April! Keep reading for all the details:

The items included in this set are a 7/11 uniform, an ATM, some Food & Drink shelves, and more. Also, the method for acquiring the items appears to be the same as the original set, just bring your Nintendo 3DS to a 7/11 store location in Japan.

Every item will be available for a distribution period of 2 weeks each so you’ll want to visit regularly for all of the items. Hopefully these items make their way over to the rest of the world at some point after the game is released.


Between the recent CAMPUS items and this new set of 7/11 items, it seems Nintendo is continuing the trend of free promotional DLC items. I have to ask, what do you guys think of these item sets? If it allows for free content to continue, I have no problems at all with it personally.

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I like the new items, except the 7/11-shirt, which is a bit too much of free advertise to me. 😀 But I wonder what item 8. might be. I really can’t tell.

However, I would like to see some other promotional items in future, for example dresses from a fashion warehouse or some IKEA items. 🙂


I was also wondering what item 8 was…it looks like food? O_o


I don’t think it’s free advertising I think 7-11 is paying Nintendo for this since it raises their business. I could be wrong though.

That being said I really really hope we get these and the last set of items in the US. I mean there are a few Items I think they would change but there are 7-11s everywhere they could make it work here.


I think you misunderstood me. With ‘free advertise’ I meant that if I would wear the 7/11 shirt in-game, I would make advertise for 7/11 (although this items are supposed to be gifts to the players). And I don’t want that.

Therefore, I would not wear the shirt. 😀

However, in Germany, where I come from, we don’t have 7/11 stores and nobody knows about it here. This is why I do not think that it’s likely for the items to come to Europe. 🙁


Awww, okay I see what you mean. In that case yeah it is free advertising.

I really hope they release these everywhere though because I really like them, since you guys don’t have 7-11 they could easily change the logos to some other store that you do have.

Eli Neufeld

That would be cool if that trend continued in other regions. And I have always dreamed of having a convenience store or a quiktrip in my home!


I believe item 8 is a common food item at Japanese 7-11’s. It has beef, pork, and green onions.


But isn’t it a bed? It would be really weird to sleep in beef, pork and green onions. 😀


It would be a dream come true. Lol


My friend would love this in his game as DLC, he goes to 7/11 every day lol.

I for one would love this to be in other regions, this would be great for accfsuperstar videos.


They look so cool!


Do these items work the same as regular items? Like for example, can you sell them and order them from the catalog? Or is there only one of them ever?

You can’t order them, I think they sell for a decent amount but you can’t get them back.

Paige Sherwood-Rice

When i was on my iPod, there was a new post…. about … i’m not going to say, but it’s not on here now? I commented on it


Ah, sorry about that. A post I was working on went live before I intended so I put it back to private. It should be going back up again in a few hours. 🙂

Paige Sherwood-Rice

Ah okay, no worries 🙂


oooh it would be SO awesome if the items would also be in the european version >_<
we have no 7-eleven stores here in germany, but when i visited korea they were like everywhere and i love them so much *-* oh, and i think they can do more items like these, why should you have a problem with that =)


Maybe it could come to USA


how can you get this in usa