Collectible Figurine pre-order bonus in the UK for Animal Crossing: New Leaf (UPDATED)

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We’ve spotted a Collectible Figurine pre-order bonus advertised on the newly launched website for Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the UK.

Those who pre-order Animal Crossing: New Leaf at GAME will be receiving an Isabelle figurine and a Town Hall model with her. We’re still waiting on details about whether this pre-order bonus will be offered at other retailers.

I’m hoping that North American retailers will be offering this pre-order bonus soon as well.

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cool if ur 10!!!!!!!!!!

Cool if you’re any age and love the game just because =P I’m 20.. and I sure hope that the US gets it.. I love Pre-Order specials :3

me too that looks so neat


I’m 31, and would love to have a pre-order bonus. Your never too old to have fun!


I’m 28 and I’d love to have that sitting on top of my video game shelf!!!! 🙂 So cute!!!!!

Tom Nook

I agree. Why would you want a stupid figurine when i can get the game?

thank you


It’s not the most prettiest shot of Isabelle I have ever seen


Kinda wish her smile wasn’t so cheesy, but i am very glad to know i’ll be getting this! I hope other regions get this too!


On Nintendo of Europe’s site for Animal Crossing, it said that the Club was called Club LOL.

Had this thing pre-ordered for 3 years; I better get this. Hope NA gets it.



I hope there will be Animal Crossing merchandisefor sale.


I’m 27 & a free Animal Crossing toy???? YES!!!!!


Right? I need! Isabelle can keep my cl4p trap company.


Europe gets all the goods =p Hope NA gets something cute like this!

I hope they come out with something like this in North America!!! Otherwise, I’ll most likely download this as soon as I get up on June 9th.

If they do bring it to America I hope the 3dsXL buyers can get it too!

A. Arcade

And of course, NA gets the shaft. We haven’t gotten any decent collectibles outside of the Ganon figure. And even that was weak compared to the EU one.