Turnips Buying Ahoy! – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 32)

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Oh man, check out that fancy brick exterior on the front! I’m quite satisfied with the outside of my house now with this new addition. I could use a new roof still, but that’s about it.


Sunday is a very, very important day in Animal Crossing for me. Why? Turnips, of course! It’s really how I make the majority of my money. I’ve spent very little time farming beetles aside from my initial first week.


Joan was selling her turnips for 100 Bells a piece this week in Waikiki.. It’s not a great price, but it could be a lot worse too. I bought about 5,000 turnips this time for a total of 500,000 Bells. (100 Bells each sure makes it easy on the numbers…)

It sounds like a lot but it’s nothing compared to what some of my friends buy. Connor bought 25,000 this week!


Phineas was back in town today presumably to offer me another badge after the waterfall of badges last time. What could it be this time?!?

dailyblog-july72013-5 dailyblog-july72013-6 dailyblog-july72013-7

Oh yes. The Catalog badge! According to the badge, I’ve now completed 20% of my catalog.

That’s pretty good for only 1 month with the game, and I haven’t been trading around a whole lot either. Let’s see if I can reach the silver Catalog badge by the end of August.


Let’s play a little game here. In the screenshot above is a new Public Work Project that I started last night. But I’m not going to tell you what project it is quite yet. That’s for you to guess!

Take a good look at the area surrounding the project (along with some other clues…) and see if you can guess what I’m building! Leave your guess in the comments below.

dailyblog-july72013-9 dailyblog-july72013-10 dailyblog-july72013-11

Finally, I checked in with Dr. Shrunk for yet another emotion. Today’s emotion was the Heartbreak Joke. The first few emotions I got were pretty lame, but I’m getting some interesting ones now!

I also discovered that you can rearrange the order of your emotions in the Joke Book. So if you get crappy ones at the start, you can shove them to the back later!

Well, that’s it for today’s entry folks. It was a bit on the short end in comparison to previous entries, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. See you tomorrow!

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