Skin tone options finally come to the Animal Crossing series in Happy Home Designer

9 years ago 3 Comments

The lack of proper skin tone options have been a long controversial issue in the Animal Crossing series, but it looks as if Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is set to change that later this year based on this screenshot from the latest trailer.

You’ve been able to change your skin tone by tanning in the Animal Crossing series for a long time, but that’s really not good enough. You shouldn’t have to leave your game open on the island for six hours just to change your skin tone. Not to mention that tanning effects disappear after some time, and then you have to do it all over again.

For anyone wondering if this is just a version of tanning again, Alison Rapp from Nintendo’s Treehouse division confirmed on Twitter in a reply to someone that this is in fact a skin tone option. We’ve embedded the relevant tweets above.

We don’t know if this means we’ll see a skin tone option in the next full Animal Crossing game, but it’s a damn good sign. Nintendo appears to be coming around on the issue with the inclusion of the option in the recent release Splatoon on Wii U.

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