New information on Play Coins, the Real-Time Clock, and more in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

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New information on Play Coins, the game’s real-time clock, and more have been revealed from scan translations and Nintendo Life’s impressions. This post has been updated with additional information since original publishing.

Now we have some newly translated information from the scans as well as Nintendo Life’s impressions offering more details on the use of the Nintendo 3DS system’s Play Coins. It looks like Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer features various ‘courses’, which can be purchased with Play Coins that will which teach players how to use different features and other elements of the game.

As seen in the scan screenshots, these courses include customized doors, ceiling furniture items, furniture customization (ala Cyrus furniture remaking in Animal Crossing: New Leaf), and different house layouts. Presumably other known features like placable rugs, windows, and pattern designs would have courses as well. As you would expect, more advanced courses become available later as you complete courses.


It’s not clear whether these courses are actually required to use/unlock these features, but seeing as they cost Play Coins it seems quite likely. Otherwise, you would essentially be spending coins just to use tutorials. If this is the case, hopefully there is an alternative method as gating features behind Play Coins would be quite frustrating.

Another aspect of the game that has been in question is the “real-time clock” always present in the Animal Crossing series historically. According to Nintendo Life, it’s not present in its typical form in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

Alternatively, a “working day” clock system is used instead. When you’re all done and have completed all the tasks you wish to complete, it will become night where some facilities may become unavailable. It doesn’t appear to be timed or limited in any way though, you should be able to do as much as you wish before ending the day.


Finally, it’s been confirmed that the theme requests are fairly unimportant. It doesn’t really matter if you follow the animal’s request to the letter, there are no strict requirements other than using a couple items an animal may include in a box in the room. As an example, an animal will be just as happy with a pink house as they would be with a blue house that they actually requested. I already suspected this from comments Aya Kyogoku has previously made in interviews, but we know for sure now.

Make sure to check out Nintendo Life’s full article for their early impressions on the game. Thanks to mirukushake from The Bell Tree Forums for some translation as well. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer releases very soon in Japan on July 30th, stay tuned to Animal Crossing World as we reach the launch!

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