Nintendo responds to Pocket Camp Gulliver backlash with free 250 Leaf Tickets and promised changes

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It’s been two weeks since the last major update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brought sweeping changes to the Gulliver’s Ship feature, and many players have been voicing their dislike with the changes since.

In an announcement today, Nintendo has acknowledged the flood of feedback they received regarding Gulliver’s Ship and are promising significant changes to the game soon.

Those upcoming changes to Gulliver’s Ship will include the ability to give random furniture or clothing to any island, adjustments to the prizes and balance of the game, and changes to the island types and content.

Unfortunately, these changes are expected to arrive in the ‘next several months’, so we’ll have to wait a bit as they’re not right around the corner. Still, it’s great to see the developers are taking into account the loud and clear feedback players have been sending.

And last but not least, Nintendo is providing a free batch of 250 Leaf Tickets to every Pocket Camp player as thanks for our patience and understanding while waiting for the update. Or in other words, this is a nicely worded apology for the disliked changes!

Regardless of the reasons though, it’s a whole pile of free Leaf Tickets and certainly appreciated. In fact, that’s even enough for a free box of five fortune cookies! Just be sure to login to the game sometime in the next few weeks to claim your tickets.

What did you think of the recent Gulliver changes earlier this month? Are you happy to see that changes are coming soon and to be getting the free Leaf Tickets? Let us know in the comments below!

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