Nintendo responds to Pocket Camp Gulliver backlash with free 250 Leaf Tickets and promised changes

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It’s been two weeks since the last major update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brought sweeping changes to the Gulliver’s Ship feature, and many players have been voicing their dislike with the changes since.

In an announcement today, Nintendo has acknowledged the flood of feedback they received regarding Gulliver’s Ship and are promising significant changes to the game soon.

Those upcoming changes to Gulliver’s Ship will include the ability to give random furniture or clothing to any island, adjustments to the prizes and balance of the game, and changes to the island types and content.

Unfortunately, these changes are expected to arrive in the ‘next several months’, so we’ll have to wait a bit as they’re not right around the corner. Still, it’s great to see the developers are taking into account the loud and clear feedback players have been sending.

And last but not least, Nintendo is providing a free batch of 250 Leaf Tickets to every Pocket Camp player as thanks for our patience and understanding while waiting for the update. Or in other words, this is a nicely worded apology for the disliked changes!

Regardless of the reasons though, it’s a whole pile of free Leaf Tickets and certainly appreciated. In fact, that’s even enough for a free box of five fortune cookies! Just be sure to login to the game sometime in the next few weeks to claim your tickets.

What did you think of the recent Gulliver changes earlier this month? Are you happy to see that changes are coming soon and to be getting the free Leaf Tickets? Let us know in the comments below!

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I think the change was awful and I’m so happy Nintendo heard the fans on this one. The amount of materials you need to use to craft the crates and other items really isn’t worth the payout you’d get at the islands. I just resigned myself to not even playing that part of the game anymore because I felt like it was a huge waste. I definitely appreciate the 250 Leaf Tickets! 🙂


I never really liked the new update and how they changed Gulliver. But the 1 thing I hope they change is the fact that you have to use leaf tickets in order to open some of the things Gulliver brings back. I just thought that was ridiculous and completely stopped using Gulliver after trying the new version 1 time. And how it cost ridiculous amounts of coins in order to craft the crates that you needed in order to send Gulliver somewhere. Just really miss the old version of Gulliver and being able to get snacks and new characters without… Read more »


Yeah this new update was awful. Glad to see they heard our complaints

Pam ODaniel

I agree with the others that the changes made to Gullivers was not good. I quit playing because having to craft the crates so much and till not get the new animals.
But thanks for the leads that was wonderful surprise for all.
One other suggestion is there any we could have a button that would give kudos to all o stead having to go to each individual? That would be helpful too.


Hello, I was just requesting from them an option to select all for the Quary help, similar to what your saying for Kudos, instead of having to scroll through each player. Sounds like others would like this done as well. Thanks.

Suzy Snowflake

I can’t stand the new Gulliver feature. What were they thinking?
Looking forward to the update and thanks for the 250 leaf tickets!


Agree that the new Gulliver was not great – too many leaf tickets plus cost of crafting crates, etc. and then the return was less than stellar. I prefer when you can use things you have 3 or 4 of from fortune cookies, etc. instead of having to use your musical instruments, etc. that cost a lot of bells and time to craft and the rewards were not comparable. As others, I had only used it once and was not impressed at all. Awesome of them to gift the 250 leaf tickets!! I will definitely use them for new items!!!… Read more »


As far as I understand I am in the minority if I say I generaly liked the update to Gulliver and I don’t understand the extreme and one sided negative reaction. But I understand that as an almost Level 160 player my gaming experience is a little different from those far below that. I think the old Gulliver had boring game mechanics and was bothersome to use (in the first implementation you had to give him one item at a time and so on). And the return for collecting items to give to him and the time it took for… Read more »


Thanks soo much for the 250 Leaf Tickets !! Im waiting for another New better update


Yep, both my mom and I played the Gulliver game quite a few times and was so frustrated that we just completely deleted the app. I
have been an avid fan of all of the AC games since the very first one (yes, even that awful board game one on WiiU) and have never been as disappointed as I was with this update. Can’t wait for the Switch game next year!

Melissa Bryan

Hi Donny, my daughter and I also play the game but we are still playing. I get so mad at never winning the tournaments no matter how hard I try and I can’t win because I will NOT spend real money. I’m also very disappointed in the game. We have fond memories of playing the first games together. We even had friends in Germany we meant and played with.

Kayla Fultz

It’s not even that they changed the gulliver portion, it’s the fact that now players have to keep unwanted items. Including event items. I dont plan to use them so why am I forced to keep them in my inventory


You can sel them at the marketplace. Tommy takes them (Tommy, I think…. not the fortune cookie stand, the items seller.)


I sold off all my unwanted junk to Tommy at the marketplace. No big deal about getting rid of unwanted items. The bad part about the Gulliver changes was that I was spending more to send him out than I was getting back in prizes. Also animal maps were a LOT harder to come by.

Cynthia Luburgh

Ty for listening, I’m on level 231 and that came with playing everyday and along the way I purchased several hundred dollars in leaf tickets, im waiting for the change then im sure I’ll purchase more along the way however till changes are made I wont be …what is the point in all the fortune cookies if we cant swap them with Gullivet for treats ..ty for the leaf gifts


I HATED the new update. I was waiting for gulliver to come back WHILE they updated it, so I gave him my 10 items and got nothing in return. Anyways, the lead tickets are nice . Thanks!


I have played every Animal Crossing game for each system it came out on, including Pocket Camp. I love Nintendo and their dedication to their products and fans. I have wanted to make a request for Pocket Camp that honestly with the updates and others commenting on things, I figured it would have been addressed and taken care of by now, can you please make an option to click on ALL requests from people wanting help with the Quary. It is a lot to scroll through each name to find if they requested help. Thank you from me, my friends… Read more »


I used my free leaf tickets on a box of fortune cookies


I login and dodnt get my cookies why


I haven’t received any leaf tickets and I’ve been playing since I heard about them but still haven’t gotten them:/ are they not distributing to my area or something?