Watch K.K. Slider open for the Splatoon 2 concert at Nintendo Live 2019

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Now here’s something you didn’t expect to see! As part of the Nintendo Live event in Kyoto, Japan this past weekend, Nintendo held a live real-world concert for Splatoon 2 featuring various tracks from the game. But there was a surprise guest for Animal Crossing fans too…

That’s right — none other than the legendary K.K. Slider showed up as the support act headlining the Splatoon 2 concert! He started off by playing a rendition of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ main theme song.

After finishing up the main track of New Horizons, K.K. Slider moved on to a speedy and short version of a popular Splatoon 2 track. The Splatoon series and Animal Crossing series happen to share the same director, Mr. Hisashi Nogami, among other staff so it’s neat to see a cross-over embraced between the games like this.

Check out K.K. Slider’s concert performance yourself at the very beginning of the video below:

Would you go to a real-world K.K. Slider concert?! If Splatoon can get one, why not Animal Crossing someday?

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