TRICK: Get DIY Recipes from Villagers Crafting Indoors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Even Online

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Crafting is one of the biggest and most exciting new features to enjoy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you’ll need a lot of DIY recipes to fully experience it. Here’s a trick on how you can find a few more that you might otherwise miss!

Once you’ve progressed about four days into your deserted island’s development, your villager residents will begin to pay off their tent loans and upgrade into full-fledged houses throughout the island, in addition to newly arriving villagers.

After this occurs, you’ll find that every fully settled villager has a handy crafting workbench inside their home. What’s really cool though is that this crafting workbench isn’t simply for cosmetic purposes as you’ll see your villagers working away on the workbench inside their house to craft a new item.

As for the trick here, you can actually speak to them while they’re interacting with the workbench to learn what item they’re currently crafting… and even receive a copy of the DIY crafting recipe for the item yourself!

Sometimes it can take two conversations to get the recipe though — the first one with general chat dialogue and the second to actually discuss their crafting activity. But when you get the crafting dialogue, the villager should ask you if you’d like to learn how to make it yourself!

So far in our barely developed island life we’ve only encountered one villager per day working at the crafting workbench in their homes, but it’s very possible that you’ll be able to find multiple villagers with recipes to offer once you have more residents in homes on the island.

Furthermore, we’ve learned that you can actually get these DIY crafting recipes when visiting friends online! I got a Wild Log Bench recipe from Roald in his house, and an hour or so later my friends showed up receiving the exact same recipe from Roald when they spoke to him.

That’s a pretty important detail because it means you should be able to gather up a variety of recipes from visiting friends online and checking all of their villager houses, beyond just the ones on your own island. So if your friend mentions getting an awesome new recipe from their villager indoors, head on over!

However, it seems that you can only get a DIY recipe from each villager crafting indoors once per day. I checked in on Roald a few hours after first obtaining one from him, and while he was still crafting away, he didn’t offer me a new recipe. It’s early on though, so more research still needs to be done.

Feel free to leave us your own experiences with this feature in the comments below, so we can learn if there are any more aspects to learn or details that can be confirmed. Be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guides page here for more information and tricks on the game.

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