VIDEO: Visiting Beautiful HYBRID ISLAND in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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We take a tour around the highly coveted Hybrid Island filled with endless pink, orange, and black hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch!

The ‘Hybrid Island’ is one of the many possible random mystery islands you can travel to by using a Nook Miles Ticket at the Airport, and it might just be the most exciting of them all to discover for the first time and bring home some goodies to your home island.

Watch our quick video below to get a full look at everything the Hybrid Island has to offer:

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If you try fishing more, you can find goldfish and koi really easily on the hybrid islands! I spent a while fishing there and found only goldfish, koi, carp, and tadpoles, as well as garbage. The ocean fish were just normal though. I’ve gotten two of these islands so far, one with lilies (same as yours) and one with tulips.


Yep, had a lot of koi on that island too. This is also where I had my sturgeon (the only one I fish).
Confirmed, nothing exceptionnal on ocean.


i think i was unlucky as my hybrid island (lillies) kept giving me black bass and tires


I just been to a hybrid island today but mine was filled with pink and orange cosmos


I’ve gotten 3 hybrids island so far but mine were pink and purple mums I snagged some plants to take home


My Native flower is cosmos, and not a fan of them. My first Hybrid island was tulips, so it is not tied to your native flower! 🙂


I’ve come across tarantula island, bamboo island (twice) and the ‘non-native fruit island’ (twice) but nothing more rare than that. I’d love to come across any hybrid flower island, particularly windflower. Has anyone encountered these islands during daylight hours? I have only seen screenshots of hybrid flower islands taken during night.