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Early 2013 release date confirmed for Europe

7 years ago 34 Comments

I got some sad news here folks. Animal Crossing 3DS has been confirmed for Early 2013 in Europe. Based on this and the lack of the game being mentioned on the American Nintendo Direct we can assume the same for North America. That last bit however is not confirmed. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: There’s a new Nintendo Direct coming in less than 24 hours!

7 years ago 4 Comments

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Nintendo of Ameria and Nintendo of Europe have announced their own events. They will both be broadcasted an hour after Japan’s. For those keeping track that means Midnight EDT/9PM PDT for NoA/NoE. I suspect these events will contain mostly the same content, just in English with Japan-only games removed.

We just got word of a new Nintendo Direct event being held in less than 24 hours. It will be broadcasted at Noon JST on Friday and at 11PM EDT/8PM PDT on Thursday. Keep in mind that for the moment we only know of a Japanese broadcast. Click here for a countdown clock.

It’s not guaranteed that we will see anything Animal Crossing 3DS related but we can hope! Luckily, we only have to wait 24 hours to find out.