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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now released in South Korea

6 years ago 12 Comments


Hooray for South Korea! Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available for purchase if you happen to live in South Korea. Now, the question is: Which region is going to get New Leaf next? Will it be North America or Europe? Or somewhere else? Vote in our latest poll on the sidebar!

Hopefully we will hear soon how the DLC is handled in Korea which should give us an idea of how it will handled everywhere else.

The latest update on the release date of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in America and Europe

6 years ago 27 Comments


Nintendo posted their earnings report today and with that came the latest first-party launch schedule for all regions. I’ve posted the 3DS schedule for both America and Europe above, however you can find the full line-up at the end of the post.

This lines up pretty well with what we already knew so far although I can’t help laugh at “Early 2013” still on the American list.

One more interesting thing I noticed is that Europe is still calling it “Animal Crossing (temp.)” so we may see an alternative name to New Leaf in Europe. Just like how we had “City Folk” and “Let’s Go to the City” on the Wii.

Anyway, the full report can be found in the source link below including Wii U titles for all regions. Leave your comments below regarding this latest update!

(via Nintendo JP, page 9)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf releasing in South Korea on February 7th

6 years ago 109 Comments


Nintendo of Korea has just announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be releasing in the country on Feburary 7th. Furthermore, South Korea will also be receiving the special edition Animal Crossing 3DS LL system bundle on Feburary 7th.

Honestly, this is pretty insulting to the rest of the world with no sign of the game coming any time before April in North America and Europe. Discuss away in the comments below!

(via Nintendo KR)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf releases in Q2 2013 in Europe

6 years ago 35 Comments

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been announced for release during the second quarter of 2013 in Europe. This information comes from the latest European Nintendo Direct on December 5th. Check out the video below:

Unfortunately, there was zero mention of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the North American Nintendo Direct. We’ll keep you updated on anything new that comes.

Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) says “Spring 2013” for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

6 years ago 39 Comments

The latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) has a 4 page spread about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Inside the spread, the game is listed as a Spring 2013 release date.

This is pretty in line with what we’ve heard previously (first half of 2013) but I know you guys are hungry for information so I’m posting this anyway. Stay tuned to the Blog for any further updates.

UPDATE: We’ve added a picture of the magazine page thanks to Zaoth from Reddit. (and E765 for notifying us)

(via reddit)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now released in Japan!

6 years ago 10 Comments

The day we’ve been waiting years for here is finally here. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been released in Japan and will soon come to the rest of the world in early 2013. Stay tuned to the Blog in the coming days as we report on new information coming from the Japanese release.

P.S: Did you import the Japanese game? Feel free to send any interesting in-game screenshots that you take to and we might just feature some on the Blog! Also, check out The Bell Tree Forums to play with others online who have the Japanese game!