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Tweet #2: Swimming for Oysters

7 years ago 1 Comment

This time Nintendo is showing off the new swimming feature found in Animal Crossing 3DS! You can swim in the ocean to find things such as the oyster pictured below.


Everyone, Good morning! Today while I was walking along the beach, I saw somebody that was free diving (using the swim suit to go swimming), and they collected a really delicious looking Oyster! The marine suit (bathing suit) that they bought at the Souvenir shop really looked good on them♪

Credit to Saratoga for the translation!

Editor’s Note: The official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter account (@doubutsuno_mori) is tweeting new information and screenshots daily! We’ll be posting any new screenshots that come from these onto the Blog.

First tweet from the official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter @doubutsuno_mori

7 years ago 5 Comments

The official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter account (@doubutsuno_mori) will be tweeting new information and screenshots over the coming weeks! We will be posting the information and screenshots that come as a result.

Here is the first tweet that has been posted:


It also comes attached with the following screenshot showing a rainbow in the sky:

Here is a very rough Google translation of the tweet into English:

Hmm considered! How did you spend the three day weekend? The outing a little, I went to take a picture or a beautiful landscape! Now in the village, taking pictures with the camera 3D 3DS are you’ll be vogue! Everyone, please enjoy – I shoot a lot of landscape of the village!

It seems to imply that the screenshot feature from City Folk has returned. Stay tuned for a proper native translation soon.

More Animal Crossing 3DS scans from another Japanese magazine

8 years ago 13 Comments

Woah, just a month after Famitsu had two pages on Animal Crossing 3DS, we’ve got more information from another magazine! Be sure to click on the thumbnails for the large high resolution versions. And finally, don’t forget to speculate on what you see in the comments below!

New Animal Crossing 3DS screenshots from Nintendo Direct plus Japanese title!

8 years ago 15 Comments

Finally at last we have some new screenshots of Animal Crossing 3DS! Nintendo released four screenshots via it’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Iwata said that the game is well on the way into development and we should expect a release in Fall 2012 (Japan). The Japanese title for the game is “Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori” which translates to “Animal Crossing: Jump Out” in English however that translation is unofficial and the official English title may be different. You can find the screenshots after the jump.

Don’t forget to check out our new analysis of these new screenshots by clicking here! We’ll be covering all the Animal Crossing 3DS news up until it’s release so stay tuned to the blog. : )

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