Nintendo’s 3DS Software Showcase starts in just 1 hour from this post!

10 years ago 2 Comments

Disappointed at the lack of Animal Crossing 3DS news at yesterday’s E3 Presentation? You’re not alone. Luckily for you Nintendo is hosting a second hour-long event exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and it’s upcoming games at 6PM PDT/9PM PDT. Will we be keeping you covered on the blog here live with all the news as it happens? You bet. You can also watch it live on Nintendo’s E3 website.

What can we expect? I’m guessing additional information on the 3DS games already shown yesterday, new trailer for Animal Crossing 3DS, localization announcements of Layton and Fire Emblem plus a surprise new game announcement. Of course, it could be much worse but let’s be hopeful!

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