No Animal Crossing 3DS news at the E3 Presentation but here’s something else

8 years ago 4 Comments

Well, this is rather disappointing. There wasn’t any Animal Crossing 3DS news today at Nintendo’s E3 Presentation. However, they did show off an Animal Crossing minigame for the Wii U as part of “Nintendo Land”.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day is an Animal Crossing themed minigame included in the new Nintendo Land game for the Wii U. Stay tuned for more details soon.

However, there is still hope for Animal Crossing 3DS as Nintendo is still holding a 3DS presentation tomorrow at 6PM PDT. More details on that later.

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coool X3

Poppy (me) = Overlord of Everything!



They better release the information tonight or else I’m going to lose it! I really cannot wait any longer! This is beyond ridiculous. I’m losing all faith in Nintendo!!!!!


I was soo frustrated after watching their 3ds presentation last night with no Animal Crossing 3ds mentioned and only like 5 secs of talking about Pokemon b/w 2