New Animal Crossing 3DS Overview video! (Japanese)

7 years ago 6 Comments

Check out this brand new Japanese overview video for Animal Crossing 3DS. There’s plenty of new footage to be seen here. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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David dvx of tak awsome video editing overlord of everything

Extremely illuminating and it’s fantastic to see some more new information on a game I am extremely excited for. Hopefully we see an early 2013 release to sate our AC3DS hunger.


It looks so amazing! I love the variety of items that are outdoors. There is so much to do! The more I see of AC3DS the more I want it. My birthday’s in January, if they released it that soon it’d be the best present I could get!


looks like the waterfall will be close to the beach. I want to take lots of pics of my character swimming next to it! 😀 <3

Loving the little duck at 3:13! :3


I cant wait till this game comes out!AC3ds will be the best in the series!


I want this game sooo bad. Ive been waiting for … what has it been, almost 2 years? Also, can people in the US get that thing off the game shop?


YES YES YES THX THX THX YOU!!!! YES I LOVE THIS YES XD it do cool sounds so cool WOW MAN I CAN’T WAIT FOR AC3DS TO COME OUT DAMN I WANT IT NOW XD imma really happy cherry blossum are back X3 I luv cherry blossum I also love theyre new outfits cute :3 and plus tons of other stuff I hope US will make animal crossing theme 3DS now all I or we will just sadly wait MAN I wanted it now tho :\ hehe I can wait tho the more I wait the better it sounds :3