Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to sell like crazy in Japan

11 years ago 14 Comments

We reported a few weeks back on the sales of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan based on shipment numbers coming from Iwata. Now, we have some hard retail sales numbers from Famitsu that include download cards sold at retail but not direct download purchases from the eShop.

Famitsu reports 721,786 retail copies sold through November 5th to 11th and 315,317 retail copies sold through November 12th to 18th. The two weeks totalled together gives us 1,037,103 retail copies and download cards sold through November 5th to 18th.

Direct digital purchases from the Nintendo eShop aren’t included in Famitsu’s numbers, however Iwata said 200,000 digital purchases were made as of November 12th. If we include those then Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold at least 1,237,103 copies so far! More recent numbers aren’t public unfortunately.

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