Animal Crossing: New Leaf has already sold 800,000 copies in Japan

10 years ago 33 Comments

Who would have guessed? Animal Crossing: New Leaf is currently sold out across Japan with the initial shipment of 600,000 copies! An additional shipment of 300,000 more copies is expected by the end of this week which will probably sell out too.

Was that not enough? Nintendo has also sold about 200,000 downloadable copies directly through the Nintendo eShop. Clearly retail game downloads are catching on in Japan. Although some of that may be driven by the fact that the game is sold out everywhere at retail.

If you do a little math there, you’ll notice that means Nintendo has already sold 800,000 copies in just one week. All in all, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is definitely doing well in Japan! Who knows, maybe this will push Nintendo of America to hurry things up. (yeah right)

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