Animal Crossing: New Leaf tops Japanese sales charts for the third week in a row

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is continuing to print money as it sold yet another 237,823 retail copies last week (November 19th to 25th) in Japan according to Famitsu’s numbers. This marks the third week in a row where the game has topped the sales charts at #1.

Adding to our total from the last sales post, we can assume the game has sold at least 1,474,926 copies plus the unaccounted for digital download purchases since November 12th. Nintendo may release more sales information for that in the future but for now we’re clueless besides the 200,000 number released on November 12th.

Finally, some may find it interesting to know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf actually outsold Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (it only launched on the 22nd in Japan) last week.

01./01. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf # <ETC> (Nintendo) {2012.11.08} (¥4.800) – 237.823 / 1.274.926 (-25%)
02./00. [PS3] Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Subtitled Edition <ACT> (Square Enix) {2012.11.22} (¥7.980) – 223.344 / NEW
03./00. [3DS] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Dungeon <RPG> (Pokemon Co.) {2012.11.23} (¥4.800) – 125.911 / NEW
04./00. [PS3] Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational # <SPT> (Sony Computer Entertainment) {2012.11.22} (¥4.980) – 86.912 / NEW
05./03. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 # <ACT> (Nintendo) {2012.07.28} (¥4.800) – 27.125 / 1.411.969 (-28%)

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