Reminder! Animal Crossing: Sweet Day releases as part of Nintendo Land for the Wii U tomorrow!

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You got me. This is an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Blog. But it won’t hurt to talk about Sweet Day for a little bit will it?

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Nintendo’s next generation home console Wii U releases in North America tomorrow. (Nov 30th in Europe, Dec 8th in Japan) One of the first games for the system is Nintendo Land which features mini-games from all of Nintendo’s famous franchises.

Of course, Animal Crossing is included in form of a mini-game titled Animal Crossing: Sweet Day. The game revolves around collecting Candy as the name implies. You and up to three other friends will travel around the level collecting candy as a team.

Meanwhile, another player will be playing on the Wii U Gamepad controlling two knights trying to catch the other players collecting candy. The Gamepad player’s goal is to knock out all of the Candy Collectors while the Candy Collectors want to reach 50 collected Candy.

If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Watch this corny family video from E3 2012 below:

Thoughts on this? Are you getting Nintendo Land? I think it could be a bit of fun, even if this game really has nothing to do with Animal Crossing besides having some artistic similarities.

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