Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the first Nintendo 3DS game to pass 2 million sold in Japan

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Big congratulations to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You’re the first Nintendo 3DS game to pass 2 million copies sold in Japan according to Famitsu! It’s kind of ridiculous how fast New Leaf sold compared to other 3DS titles, just look at the animated graph above. (New Leaf is the big blue spike at the end!)

Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land are close to hitting the 2 million mark but that’s over the span of 14 months while New Leaf has reached this mark in less than 2 months. Very impressive indeed.

There’s certainly no danger of the Animal Crossing franchise coming to an end any time soon based on these massive sales. Animal Crossing for the Wii U anybody?!?!

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Mike Honcho

Well, with such successful sales in Japan, I think Nintendo can afford to be a bit lax in pushing this for a NA release.


I love it that Animal Crossing is dominating Mario. Not that I don’t like Mario but just a few years ago nobody knew about Animal Crossing (of my friends) and all knew of Mario. Maybe this will change things!

Mia the Starr

Same with me lol


Ikr XD


Ya it should be like the game everyone knows

Mia the Starr

I know right?!?!


Maybe if Animal Crossing is brought to America and Europe faster, the numbers would probably triple in sales.


yea XD i wish they could just release it here


ok then they should release it for America faster then i mean come one


I don’t mind the wait.


I wouldn’t mind waiting if Nintendo of America would give some more info. If you search Animal Crossing New Leaf on their website only one article comes up (and ACNL is just part of a list of titles coming in 2013). Other countries have at least a web page with a trailer and screenshots. Come on NoA give us something! I would be thrilled if we had a US release date even if wasn’t until June.


yea it worth waiting but when it finally comes is when ill get my first mimi heart attack of joy

Mia the Starr

Lol I’ll be like ” this game is too good for me XP”


Ya I don’t mind waiting but id like to have a date when it comes so I know how long the wait is.


LOL all the other games look lost and ac:nl just cuts right through:p anyways i think this will make the wait longer cause the game cards are rare or something. But I’m ok with that, i need a lot of time to save up the money anyways…


most unlikey a wii u. since the game cost too much,brick on updating,and america and japane might be going into recession. making a wii u version would cost the company too much money tp produce if they know it wont sale due to wii u over price system and games. theontwa lose money.


People have always told me the animal crossing was a boring game… BUT NIW I HAVE THE GRAPH TO SHOW TO THEIR FACE AND SAID HA I TOLD U ANIMAL CROSSING IS THE MOST AWESOME GAME IN THE WORLD HA HA HA WHO THE BOSSS NOW ME NOT BECUZ I POWN U WITH THIS GRAPH YEA YEA YEA….. *after taking the picture and showing off to people* i feel so happy good for them :3 i cant wait to get this game

Mia the Starr

In my life no one knows what this game is sooooo I guess no street passes for me 😛


just walk to random places or move to japan where im going to be in the nearer future lol XD


Ikr! All my family and the friends ive told about ac were like clueless to wat it is and the people that hadit said it was boring but its really fun and never ending. Now I can go like haha it sold over 2mill copies I. 2months and sold Better than mario


IKR actually already did tht it was the first thng i do when i saw this


Lol I think its better than mario


both of them are great game it just ACNF is just more fun when you can do anything you want


Oh ya marios awesome I just think acnl is better cuz Mario when u beat it your done but with ac there’s no end and no plot like u said you can do whatever u want.

Mia the Starr



lol ikr


Seeing this just makes me more upset they haven’t announced a release date for the US :/ I mean, seriously, the numbers are RIGHT THERE.


I so can’t wait til it comes to the US.

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Tom nook's yellow sweater

Seriously can’t wait for this game to come out here in Australia! 😀 Hope it comes out fast for places Like the US and Europe too :3 Imagine what the hits might be once it releases internationally…Hopefully huge because i always thought animal crossing was always mocked on how the game plays out but i always like the game for the freedom you have! 😀 Definitely getting this on the first day! :3

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