Iwata talks Animal Crossing: New Leaf sales, demographics, and more with Nikkei

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Mr. Iwata recently had a chat with Nikkei in Japan about a variety of topics including Animal Crossing. Read all about it below:

What’s probably most interesting is that females aged 19-24 are actually the highest age group according to Club Nintendo and 56% of purchasers with a 3DS hardware purchase are female. These numbers quite frankly leave Iwata dumbfounded.

Why did New Leaf sell to women so well this time around? Iwata thinks it’s because of smart phones. Remember the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct? It’s received 1.6 million views on YouTube and over half of those have come from smart phones. Not to mention, the screenshot feature enables easy sharing to social media sites like Twitter.


He’s also surprised by New Leaf’s massive digital download sales with over 500,000 copies sold so far at full retail price. As we previously reported, New Leaf has passed 2 million retail sales in Japan in addition to these digital downloads. That’s already double the sales of City Folk in Japan.

Check back tomorrow for another post discussing Iwata’s comments on City Folk and more.

(via Nikkei, translated by StreetsAhead)

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I’m a lot younger than 19 but I think tht this was pretty much always the majority of buyers.


How about releasing the game in the US then?

Mike Honcho

Posting on here about it isn’t going to change a thing. Nintendo already has a release date, and whether or not we know it, that’s when it’ll come out.


Can you guys please not be so damn impatient for once?


lol i can wait but the game looks so good


yesterday I just filled out a Club nintendo survey about Mario kart 7 for the 3DS and in EACH of the comment boxes I made sure to mention that I bought my 3DS with every intent to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf ASAP. Hopefully that will help get the message across. ;__; My birthday is in two days and still no release date.


I filled out a bunch of Club Nintendo surveys recently and loaded it full with comments about AC too. XD


I e-mailed them about it but they gave the usual prediction of the first half of 2013. I think March and April have the biggest probability of being release date months. So Happy Birthday. Hopefully it can be just as good without this game;)

Mia the Starr

………. 😐 i want this game or the world dies………..


Time files by quick so being patient won’t be so hard.


I got my mom hooked on Animal Crossing and she’s in her 60s. I wonder how many parents play their kids games but the kids are listed as the user because the game was bought for them.


lol my family find it boring :/ it super fun


oh cool well i can imagine tht true i guess


i can wait but not for long!!


Because of that picture, I’m returning my 3DS with the excuse “it does not print money”. :3

On a serious note, I thought that was the demographic all along even though it appeals to everyone in some way.