A closer look at the Animal Crossing StreetPass puzzle on Nintendo 3DS

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We’ve reported on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf StreetPass puzzle in the past but now we have much clearer images of the completed puzzle. Read on to see the rest of the pictures:

In it’s completed form, the puzzle is a large panoramic image that can be panned across from left to right. It features all of the major characters from the game hanging around the large Town Tree. You can even spot Pete the mailman flying in the third picture!


Wondering when you can get your hands on this StreetPass puzzle yourself? It’s limited to Japanese 3DS consoles for the moment but when the game releases overseas, expect the puzzle to come over as well. A recent example of this is Fire Emblem: Awakening. While the puzzle was released in Japan last summer, it was sent out to the rest of the world a few days ago!


What do you guys think of the completed puzzle? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! (bonus picture with Resetti in all his glory)

(thanks to Jake for finding these images)

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