Animal Crossing: New Leaf has passed 700,000 digital downloads in Japan so far

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Iwata has dropped some sales numbers at the recent Corporate Policy Briefing revealing that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has passed 700,000 digital downloads sold in Japan as of December 31st, 2012

In fact, these sales make up one-fourth of the total number of Animal Crossing: New Leaf copies sold in Japan! For those curious, the total number sold as of December 31st, 2012 is just past 2.7 million.


There are several possible reasons why the digital copies sold are so high with this game:

  • The retail game suffered severe supply shortages in the first month
  • Animal Crossing is the perfect game for digital download as it is a game you play every single day for a long time
  • Those who imported Japanese 3DS consoles to play the game early may have chosen to purchase the game digitally rather than importing the retail game as well

Time will only tell if the digital version is as successful overseas as it was in Japan. Which version are you planning on purchasing? Digital or retail? Leave your answer and reasoning in the comments below!

(via Nintendo JP)

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