Iwata acknowledges worldwide demand for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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During the Q&A section of the most recent Financial Briefing, Mr. Iwata was asked about the sales potential of Animal Crossing: New Leaf overseas. He was quick to point that there are some core fans of the series overseas as well, not only in Japan.

Remember the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Japanese Direct a few months back? I’m sure all of you watched it and Iwata is no stranger to that. He mentioned that many customers worldwide watched the video and he received a lot of requests from overseas customers asking to be able to play it as soon as possible.

It’s good to know that Nintendo isn’t oblivious to the worldwide demand for New Leaf, they are certainly aware it exists. Miyamoto made a comment as well about how Nintendo is currently investigating how to best promote the game overseas. Let’s hope this includes bringing over the special edition 3DS XL bundle? : D

If you wish to read the whole Q&A, view the source link. Be sure to leave any thoughts you have in the comments below.

(via Nintendo JP)

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