The Setsubun or Bean Throwing Festival holiday in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Yesterday was Setsubun in Japan and of course that means there’s a holiday in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for it! Keep reading to learn all about it:

In Japan, Setsubun (or Bean Throwing Festival) occurs on the 3rd of February every year to celebrate the ending of Winter and beginning of Spring! When the day starts, you’ll want to get a blue or red Oni (demon) mask from your secretary by the Town Tree.

Equip your Oni mask and chat with your fellow villagers. Expect them to react to your demon Oni mask by screaming and throwing beans at you! Yes, beans to bring out the demon and bring in the luck! You can also throw your own beans at others just for fun if you wish.


There’s one more thing to do in addition to the bean throwing. During the holiday, instead of fortune cookies in the shop you’ll be able to buy Eho-maki for 800 bells. When purchased, Timmy/Tommy will inform you as to which lucky direction to face when you eat it.

Now leave the shop and equip the eho-maki while turning your character to the lucky direction you were informed of, then press A to eat it.


It’s quite likely that this unorthodox holiday will be cut out of the localized versions overseas but nobody knows for sure yet. The South Korean version releasing in a few days should give us an idea of what to expect regarding some Japanese holidays though. Do you guys like this holiday? Leave a comment below!

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