Girl’s Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (also known as Hina Matsuri)

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It’s Girl’s Day in Japan today and of course there’s a mini holiday in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for it! You might also know it by Doll Festival or Girl’s Festival. The Girl’s Day holiday doesn’t have a whole lot to it in New Leaf but we’ll talk about what there is anyway!

Starting on March 1st through March 3rd, you can purchase two special Girl’s Day items from the Nooklings store. These items are the Doll Set for 2,560 Bells and the Girl’s Day Lamp for 2,880 Bells.


On March 3rd, head over to the Town Tree to speak to Isabelle. (The secretary, I’m using the English name now) She will give you a little Rice Cake item to place in your home. This is also a Japanese holiday so you will need to visit a Japanese town on March 3rd to receive the item.


Like all holidays in New Leaf, Girl’s Day has a nice little faceboard set up near the Town Tree. Put your head in either side of the board and snap a photo to commemorate the holiday forever! Or even better, take it with a friend!


Well, that’s about it! It’s not quite a full fledged holiday but it’s still a chance for a couple special items and a faceboard picture! Check back soon for some comprehensive posts about the various stores in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

(image credit: NagatoPyon)

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