Software Update released in Japan and South Korea, fixes Startup and Police Station errors

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The previously announced Software Update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available to download in Japan and South Korea. To download the update, simply head over to the Nintendo eShop. It’s highly recommended as online play will be disabled for those without the update.

According to Nintendo, the update did the following:

  • Fixed game error upon starting up the game
  • Fixed game crash after entering the Police Station
  • Added update option on the main menu for further updates without an eShop download

However, some additional fixes have been noticed by the community including a duplication glitch and a wall-clip glitch.

Sidenote: My apologies for the lack of articles lately, look out for another store post later this week!

(via Nintendo JP, TBT)

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David X

YES! the out of bounds glitches live, yes there that important to me.


God don’t fix the dupe glitches…


Apparently, the update also added an extra option on the main menu as well. That option let you check for any update for the software and download them without going through eShop again. It seems like that there will be more patches coming!

Yuki Shirone

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Paige Sherwood-Rice
Paige Sherwood-Rice

i saw them. i hearted all of them haha

Yuki Shirone

thx :3


[…] few months ago, a software update was released for the Japanese and South Korean versions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The update fixed a number of bugs in the game including crashes and […]

(ラブ)ℱynnihiℓℓa Sky ℒine

Seeking the Japanese Animal Crossing New Leaf Version !!! (Tobidase)

(ラブ)ℱynnihiℓℓa Sky ℒine -에어 버스

And than
I will be make the Hack! 🙁