Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle coming to North America and Europe

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Nintendo has announced that the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle, previously released in Japan, will be released in North America and Europe for $219 when the game launches on June 9th and June 14th.

The bundle contains a special edition 3DS XL console themed to Animal Crossing along with a digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the included SD Card.

We’ll be updating this post with any retailers we can find offering the bundle for pre-order.

ShopTo (UK)
GameStop (US)



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smells like bill’s rear end…

I’m not sure if I will get this 3DS XL. If it came with a physical copy of the game, I would buy it day one.

I need the physical copy!!! Nooooooooooo, why…

Already bought the pikachu one, i’m not gonna wait that long to buy my xl, especially when I got it so cheap compared. I’d rather download the game at 9pm pst june 8th and play it before everyone goes to buy their xl the next day.

I bought that one as well, thinking the animal crossing one may not come overseas. I’m till tempted to get this just to have it but think I’m happier with the yellow pikachu. The animal crossing bundle is a bit ugly. Think they could have done better. Maybe white with one big leaf? I’d buy that in a a heart beat