Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now listed on the US eShop for… $35?

9 years ago 34 Comments


We’re now just 2 months away from Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s release in North America and fittingly so, the game is now appearing on the US eShop when you search for it. It’s not too exciting to see a listing but what’s interesting is the price.

The typical price for a new first party Nintendo 3DS game in the United States is $39.99, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s official price point appears to be $34.99 instead. We’ve seen some retailers drop their price to $34.99 lately, but it may actually be the standard price and not a discount.

I’m not really sure exactly why Nintendo has chosen to price New Leaf at $35 but I’m not complaining! A discount is always appreciated. Perhaps Nintendo is hoping to attract new players with a lower price point. What do you think the reason is? Leave us a comment below.

(thanks DrewAC and Prof Gallows)

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