Check out these cool Animal Crossing: New Leaf Styluses from Japan

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What are these magnificent things above that you’re looking at right now? They’re Animal Crossing: New Leaf themed styluses for your Nintendo 3DS! Why have a boring, regular stylus when you can have adorable Animal Crossing characters on your stylus? Keep reading to learn all about them…

There are six of them in total right now with three different types of toppers: Bells, Fossil, and Pitfall. The six styluses are Timmy & Tommy, Hamsuke*, Labelle, Doremi*, Reese, and Peanut.

Keep in mind that a couple of these names are new characters and are not finalized English names.


Want one? They’re currently being sold in gacha machines across Japan for 200 yen each. If you’re outside of Japan, some sellers on eBay are offering them for about $7 each right now. It’s a bit of a markup but they are pretty nice!

What do you think of these styluses? Which one is your favorite? I think I would get the one with Reese or Timmy & Tommy if I could.

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