An interview with the producer and the director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Recently Nintendo Europe held a roundtable event in London to promote the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. CVG was there and have posted their interview story from the event which includes talk from some of the creators of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Both producer Katsuya Eguchi (the creator of Animal Crossing) and director Aya Kyogoku (who previously worked on Zelda: Twilight Princess and City Folk) were present at the roundtable.


There was even a performance by Kazumi Totaka, the sound director and likeness of K.K. Slider. You may recognize the three of them from the previous Animal Crossing Nintendo Directs for Japan.

As a fan of folk music, does Miyamoto have an opinion of KK Slider’s decision to become a DJ?

EGUCHI: I don’t think Miyamoto-san is aware of it!

KYOGOKU: If I get the chance I would like to ask Miyamoto-san to visit my town and maybe let him come to the club so we could dance together.

EGUCHI: So while Miyamoto-san is not aware of KK Slider doing the DJ, he often sees [Kazumi] Totaka, on whom the character is based, carrying his guitar around the office.

As producer and director, is it difficult to be surprised by the game when you’ve already seen everything in it? And are there any items you wanted to be included in the game?

KYOGOKU: The team working on Animal Crossing has a more balanced male-female ratio than other development groups at Nintendo EAD. There are lots of roles in the team – designers, programmers, sound designers, composers – and everyone chips in with their own ideas for items and so on, so we try to come up with ideas for furniture and clothes which appeal to this wide range of people.

I’ve included a few interesting quotes from the interview above, but be sure to read the full article over at CVG if you want to see everything.

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