Construction – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 6)

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I started my day off with deciding the placement of my second Public Work Project. It’s a suspension bridge!


The bridge is rather expensive, but I think it will add a nice touch to my village. It’s actually quite close to my first bridge, but this one will be nicer. The other can be removed later.


Over by my beach ramp to the doc, I spotted the future area for resident Quillson.


Afterwards, I made my way to Main Street. The first thing I noticed was a construction tarp next to Nookling Junction. I assume it’s the Garden Shop!


Since I was close by, I bought a fortune cookie at Nookling Junction. It was the Varia Suit pants! A friend has been looking for these, so I’m sure he will be happy.


I happened to meet Phineas a bit later. He gave me my very first badge, the Village Representative badge! It’s for playing the game a lot. (no shock here!)


After walking around Waikiki some more, I found Beau having a nice sit on my yellow bench. Of course, I joined him as the polite Mayor I am!


I went fishing for some sharks, and I came up with an ocean sunfish instead. Not that I’m complaining!

dailyblog-june112013-13 dailyblog-june112013-14

Then I encountered Beau AGAIN! I like him a lot though, so it’s okay. 😀 He wanted to check out my house and I always welcome visitors!

dailyblog-june112013-15 dailyblog-june112013-16

Beau seems to have an obsession of sorts with couches and ice-cream… but hey, I’m not judging! Nothing wrong with some ice-cream and a nice seat.

dailyblog-june112013-17 dailyblog-june112013-18dailyblog-june112013-20 dailyblog-june112013-21 dailyblog-june112013-22 dailyblog-june112013-23 dailyblog-june112013-24

I had some friends come over… we had some fun! Thanks John (Razputin), Debs (also a John), and Sarah (Luna)!

dailyblog-june112013-25 dailyblog-june112013-26 dailyblog-june112013-27

I paid Katrina a visit once again. Her advice was even odder this time around. Apparently Plaid Bottoms are the key to success… what? I couldn’t find any, so I didn’t get to see exactly what would happen.


Around Waikiki, I’ve been starting the beginning of landscaping. I planted a bunch of shrubs, and I’ll be chopping down some trees as soon as I get an axe. In a few days, you’ll see the proper result of my work.


Finally, I donated some Bells to my suspension bridge project, but not enough to complete it. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

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Nice! Right now I’m just working with hybrids, and making a campground today. I just wish I could order a bonfire and some logs to sit on.

Paige Sherwood-Rice

how do you get the gardening shop?


Spent 5 days in the village and pulled weeds etc.


I’m working on the 298,000 bell loan and a totem pole, which costs over 500,000 bells! Still waiting for some good public works projects like Club LOL and the Museum’s second floor to show up.

Exculpate the Blaster

I haven’t gotten as far as you yet, and I have no idea what to do with my flowers. Hopefully that will change soon.

Anyway, you should visit my town sometime, Justin. I’d be happy to have you. ^^

Exculpate the Blaster

You can find me on the forums. ^^


Is it possible to build a bridge that goes across the lake in your town? I haven’t tried it and I was wondering if it was possible.

Old S

My Nookling Junction is Already upgraded!!! I also had a tad of a situation: Katrina said that, overlooking a nice view is a cliff with a bench, and that two pelicans will be sitting there, hand in hand. Then she told me to get a Rock n’ Roll acc…. I’m not even sure what that is.

Rai Dinh

I got the Garden Shop yesterday~!

I’ve been trying to reorganize the trees and everything…

But that’s kind of hard to do, when your axe is broken, and the Garden Shop keeps selling Watering Cans. T^T

Now, I’m just collecting money for the “Dream Suite” project…


I collected all the money the minute i started the project! p.s i have about 1,000,000 bells. I just need about 100,000


I got the garden shop a couple days ago, too! My Nookling’s Junction is now a T&T Mart, and I got Kicks yesterday 🙂 Club LOL has been approved, but hasn’t shown up yet. I also just started the Dream Suite project 🙂

Construction is so exciting!


How do you open Kicks?


– Spend more than 8,000 bells at Able Sisters clothing store.
– You must have been the mayor for 7 days.
And contruction of the shoe store takes 2-3 days.


You need the T&T Mart too.

Mario Carlos

i got the dream suite
it will open hopfully tomorrow


how do you get random visitors