Featuring your Bug-Off tournament (June 15th) screenshots!

7 years ago 5 Comments

On Saturday, I asked for some fun screenshots from you guys during the Bug-Off tournament! Check out some of my favourites below:


bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-2 bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-3 bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-4 bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-5 bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-6 bug-off-userscreenshot-june15-7


Thanks to Kaiaa, Cláudia, Austin, and Link for contributing to today’s post! 🙂

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Christopher F.

Mine was a 134 point goliath beetle off the island.

Lady Ayane

Lol, when I was talking to him a bird wing flew by so I ran and caught that and won.

Ben Sylvia

I wish I had known about being able to find the beetles at night on the island, I would have stocked some to get the whole insect furniture set Friday night.


Awesome! Glad to submit! This game is too addicting not to share your experiences! ^_^


hehe I went around trying to steal bugs from my villagers. I love their shocked reactions lol I’m so mean D=