Flowers, Fruit, and Villagers – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 5)

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I finally got my very first hybrid flower today! Actually, I have two! A pink rose, and an orange rose. You can also see some failed shrubs to the right. I learned the hard way that you can’t plant them next to buildings. 🙁


Over in another section of Waikiki, my orchard had finally grown! At the moment, it’s limited to Oranges and Peaches, but expansion is underway for Cherries and Pears soon enough.


I checked out my new completed Yellow Bench as well! It’s my very first Public Work Project. I’m sure I’ll look back on this moment in the future when I have 30 projects built!


A bulletin board reminded me of the upcoming Bug-Off tournament, but as you all know, that has already happened. It shows how far behind I am on these entries, sorry!


Up by the train tracks and bridge, my Perfect Apple fruit tree has grown. Soon enough, I’ll be growing another!


Down by the beach, my Banana palm trees have also fully grown, with more on the way soon. It’s quite the day for fruit trees.


BonBon moved in today, so I decided to greet her into Waikiki. Her house is a bit close to mine, but we’ll work something out.


She seems alright. Probably not my favourite villager ever, but I’ll take her over Hazel!


It sure does add to my quality of life. Wait, we’re talking about the house expansion right? I don’t think a 198,000 Bell loan really improves my life a whole lot.


Annnnd then I had it paid off in under 10 minutes. 🙂 I may have had some Bells sitting in my bank waiting for this…


I didn’t catch too many screenshots, but I found Katie in my village asking me to take her to another village. So, I headed over to Hailey’s town and dropped her off. I hope Katie sends me something in the mail!

dailyblog-june102013-14 dailyblog-june102013-15 dailyblog-june102013-16

Another day, another loan… Thanks Tom Nook. But hey, I like a second floor! I’ll take it!

dailyblog-june102013-17 dailyblog-june102013-18

I met Katrina over at another town, she… well… I’m not even sure what she was saying.


My friend Pally helped complete my Toad outfit with the corresponding shirt to go with the hat. Thanks!


I uh, worked out really hard on this bench! I swear! My eyes aren’t closed!

dailyblog-june102013-22 dailyblog-june102013-23 dailyblog-june102013-24

Later, I travelled to the Island and played some minigame tours with friends. We gave the Elite Hammer Tour a try, and I actually got some decent medals for it!


Back at Waikiki, Isabelle informed me of a ceremony taking place to celebrate the new Yellow Bench! Of course I joined the ceremony being the great Mayor I am.

dailyblog-june102013-26 dailyblog-june102013-27

Not every villager could attend, but the ones who did seemed quite excited for the new project! (it’s just a tiny bench guys…)


A desperate cry for help on my Bulletin board…


The return of the lady from the Retro TV! The music is even back!

dailyblog-june102013-30 dailyblog-june102013-31 dailyblog-june102013-32

Finally, I ended the day with some good old fashioned Hazel abuse. Maybe she’ll move out someday… Maybe if I dream hard enough.

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