Now with a Town-Development Permit – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 3)

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I’ve been severely getting behind on my Daily Blogs lately and I apologize. With the release date and other events, it’s been very busy for me lately. The process of catching up begins now though, so I may post multiple entries a day until I catch up.


To start off the day, I checked out my first upgrade in house size. My house isn’t quite as cozy as before, but I think I’ll find the extra room for furniture to be worth it soon!


After moving some items around and placing down some new ones, my house is looking pretty great! If you have a sharp eye, you might notice a couple Japanese DLC items. My amazing friend Yamanon from the previous day’s blog entry gave them to me. Thanks!


I headed over to the dock on my beach to meet Tortimer, the previous mayor of Waikiki. He informed of a special tropical resort island, and that the boat driver would be here tomorrow to pick me up!


This rock looks suspicious… I could have sworn it wasn’t there the other day.


Oh right, it’s a fake rock! It broke into a ruby for me.


After that, I went to check on how my first fruit orchard was going. It’s slowly progressing, I should fully grown trees in a day or two! It’s a surprise as to which fruit they are, you’ll have to see soon. 🙂


Back at the Town Hall, I spoke with Isabelle to check on my progress for the town-development permit. Lucky for me, it’s gone through the system and I can now build Public Work Projects in addition to enacting Ordinances.


As my first act, my Villagers will remain awake longer in the night, and the shops will stay open later. It won’t go into effect until tomorrow though.


The new Villager in Waikiki was ready to meet me today………………. Hi Hazel. I don’t like your face. Please leave Waikiki and never come back. Pretty please?

dailyblog-june82013-11 dailyblog-june82013-12

Over at Nookling Junction in Main Street, I purchased some new furniture for my upgraded house. The modern wood TV will be a nice addition.


Of course, I couldn’t forget my daily fortune cookie either. The S.S. Dolphin from Pikmin 1 on the Gamecube. I’m really racking up the fortune cookie Pikmin items! Although, I’m hardly complaining. I really love the Pikmin games. Can’t wait for Pikmin 3 on Wii U!


Sable at the Able Sister’s still refuses to speak with me. 🙁


I did try out a dress though. Mabel had a few comments about it.


Representative Lyle from the Happy Home Academy opened up his desk at Nook’s Homes today. He hasn’t changed a bit from the previous games! Bang!


At about 10PM, an hour after the game launched, my friends Connor, Hailey, and Debs who downloaded the game visited Waikiki.

dailyblog-june82013-18 dailyblog-june82013-19

I tried to plant a pitfall behind Connor while he was reading my bulletin board… it didn’t work very well!


Such great advice… Thanks man.


He also attempted to block my house from access with a fish and some holes… Good try.


A bit later, I headed over to Jamie‘s town, where it was early evening because she cheated her time! I’m disappointed in you Jamie… But I did catch a special fish while I was with Prof Gallows since it was raining!


Of course, it’s the elusive Coelacanth! As any Animal Crossing fan will know, they only appear in the evening while it is raining. So, I was pretty happy to catch one on the third day playing the game. They also happen to sell for 15,000 Bells!


Gallows and I also caught some sharks. Check it out above!

Again, my apologies for the delay in Daily Blog entries lately. I’m catching up now! Also, I’m going to be starting a new screenshot series on here soon featuring YOUR screenshots. Stay tuned.

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Coelacanth on the first few days playing… DAMN!! So if it’s that easy what would the hardest fish to catch??

Jennifer Skutley

The last fish you need is always the hardest. It seems like you catch everything but it.


I already caught a Coelacanth too! I have almost all of the fish, I need only 21 more in total! I’m working on getting a Char, so far no luck.


I live in the UK and the game just arrived a day early! 😀 With the cute little toys 😛
Hopefully my limited edition AC 3DS XL will be arriving soon too!


this ay just be me but i live in europe ACNL is due to release tomorrow but some how my friend has got it today… :, ( the good news is im gettitng the XL

Paige Sherwood-Rice




Paige Sherwood-Rice

aha! thanks, how do you get
the island?


The day after you pay off your 39k loan, Tortimer will show up at the dock. The day after, the island is yours!

Paige Sherwood-Rice

ty! he’s there i get it tomorrow 🙂


Lol looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I will definitely stay tuned =p

Elizabeth Connell

I caught ten sharks, and i unlocked the island in three days, Now i finished my first public works project yesterday


Lol you said pretty please to the villager to move. More like ugly please.


Haha, exactly!


i got my Acnl game+3dsxl pack today,and i’d love to exchange friendcodes with people 🙂

Courtney Sartin

I would love to be friends w/ you! FC: 2836-0862-6759


I just got Hazel too! Her unibrow creeps me out so bad.


thats rude, just because someone has a uni brow doesn’t mean their ugly or freaky…


I’m not saying everyone that has one, I’m just saying her in specific.


I caught a Sunfish the other days too! But I’m jealous of your Coelacanth!!

Your orchard is making me regret where I planted my fruit trees. I kept having a couple wilt on me so I just planted various fruits around town in open areas. But I hate how unorganized it is. I guess when they bear fruit I can save the fruit and chop down the old tree and make some room for my own orchard 🙁

Christopher F.

Yup, plant fruit wherever you can early on. Then wait until you get the axe and can clear out a good spot to make your nice orderly rows.


Just heard word from amazon my game has been dispatched yay! But here’s the problem… The traditional Sunville? Or a new leaf in Alicante?? 😀

Stephen Temple

Psssh: Gar, Snakehead, Dorado, Saw Shark, Shark AND sunfish ON THE FIRST DAY


But no Char.

Christopher F.

You sold the Coelacanth? Shame on you, you should have donated it to the museum!

That said, now that you have access to the island, you basically have unlimited money. Sharks and tree beetles flow like water on that island. I routinely come back with 100-150k bells worth every time I visit.

Paid for both my 300k bell house upgrade and a 128k bell bridge in one day just by making a couple swings by that island.


I caught two. 🙂 I assure you that one of them bad it to the museum! 😀

Christopher F.

So far my record is almost 300k bells from one trip to the island. I even have a screenshot of me selling just one load from the box for over 150k.

Hazel is frightening. She’s almost as bad as Jambette.


What, just because of her eyebrows? Thats pretty mean. People judge their villagers but their cuteness and looks and if they dont like how they look they want them out. What about their personality?! I think thats mean, it just shows how people act in real life too….

It’s just a game, riri. You gotta have fun with it. Hazel isn’t real.




Hey Justin 1.Can you be my friend on ACNL? and 2.Can you tell me how to visit or invite people that are on my friend list on the 3DS that have the game?


hi justiin