Suspension Bridge Built & Badges – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 8)

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Starting off with yet another shot of my house here… Not much has changed so it’s a bit useless. You can see some changes in the landscaping on the upper left side though.


If you were paying attention to the last screenshot, you may have also noticed… a villager is moving in! RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE! Literally 2 spaces away. Not cool Kitt.


Since Tom Nook renovated my house today, I went in to check out my new extra back room. It will probably just act as storage for the moment until I expand the size.

dailyblog-june132013-4 dailyblog-june132013-5

I found Katie in my village, she wanted me to take her to another town. I’ll do that a little bit later.


Reading my Bulletin Board, I was reminded of my now completed suspension bridge. I’ll attend the ceremony later.


Before taking Katie out to another town, I checked my daily fortune cookie. Looks like I got a Coin!

dailyblog-june132013-8 dailyblog-june132013-9 dailyblog-june132013-10

I brought Katie over to Hailey’s town. She seemed pretty happy!


We also used the opportunity to trade some Pikmin hats! I gave her my extra Red Pikmin hat for her Blue Pikmin hat. 😀 I just need the Yellow hat now!

dailyblog-june132013-12 dailyblog-june132013-13

It was time for some Island fun then with Hailey, Sarah, and Eban. We did pretty good in the tours.


Also, Sarah left me a very inspirational Bulletin Board message.

dailyblog-june132013-15 dailyblog-june132013-16

I found Phineas wandering around Waikiki, he had a badge to give me! What could it be?!?


It’s the Bronze Medalist badge! Can’t say I’m too surprised, I have been farming a lot of medals to get my mermaid set and shrub seeds.


In other news, my Perfect Apple tree has grown back with more fruit! I’ll be planting more trees.

dailyblog-june132013-19 dailyblog-june132013-20

Over at Re-Tail, I met Cyrus for the first time. He’s been lazy and sleeping for a while, but he’s awake now!

dailyblog-june132013-21 dailyblog-june132013-22

Reese let me know that her husband can refurbish furniture including the paint. I’ll definitely be messing around with the feature a bit in the future.


… I’ll try my best, Cyrus.


Here’s a look at how my Mermaid room is progressing. I really need to get the floor for it to come together. Soon though.


I found Beau in the Waikiki Museum. He seemed a little bit confused… Are you calling me ancient or something?!?

dailyblog-june132013-26 dailyblog-june132013-27

For some masochist reason, I decided to check out Nook’s Homes and see my new loan. I think I’m going to wait it out a bit to pay it off this time though. I have other priorities, such as Public Work Projects.

dailyblog-june132013-28 dailyblog-june132013-29

While I was in Nook’s Homes, I had a little chat with Lyle. Apparently, I’ve hit the 10,000 points mark with the HHA! They’ll be sending me a commemorative gift in the mail tomorrow.

dailyblog-june132013-30 dailyblog-june132013-31

I’ve been talking to Sable in hopes of unlocking the QR machine, but it hasn’t happened yet. She’s become a bit more talkative though. Progress folks!

dailyblog-june132013-32 dailyblog-june132013-33

I helped Lolly out with some easy fishing. She’s one of my favourite villagers.


Over at Debs’s town, he had Perfect Apples selling for double at Re-Tail, so I brought the few I had over for extra bells. Thanks Debs (John)!


I went ahead and attended the suspension bridge ceremony as I promised earlier. Unfortunately, Hazel attended too which dampened the fun.


As for the placement of the bridge, it’s close to my house but you guys will see the full vision a bit later. Check out the bottom left corner for a hint…

dailyblog-june132013-37 dailyblog-june132013-38

Somehow I found Phineas in my town again, with yet another badge! This time around, I got the Fish Maniac badge for catching over 50% of the fish in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

dailyblog-june132013-39 dailyblog-june132013-40

Finally, I gave my Alpine Sofa to Cyrus for a test run of the customization feature. It’s alright I guess, but I’ll probably sell it later.

That’s all for today folks. Check back tomorrow!

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