The Bug-Off & Evil Pitfalls – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 10)

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Yes, it’s the one and only Bug-Off today! Luckily, I was prepared for this. I just might have sneaked out to the Island last night for some rare bugs to submit…


Also, I’ve got my first hybrid tulip: A Pink Tulip! Hooray!

dailyblog-june152013-3 dailyblog-june152013-4

I talked to Nat over at the Town Tree plaza to see what was up with the Bug-Off. Before I submit the rare Island bugs, I wanted to catch some common ones.


While I was searching for common bugs to start off with, I noticed my newly expanded orchard with fully grown cherries! Check it out above.


One of my early common bugs netted (hehehe) me 38 points. It’s a good start.


I wanted a break from bug catching though, so I headed up to Main Street to see the shops. First up, my latest fortune cookie from Nookling Junction: A ? Block!


Next door at the Garden Shop, Leif sold me another happy axe. More landscaping to do!

dailyblog-june152013-9 dailyblog-june152013-10

Sable has finally started to have some decent conversations with me, so hopefully I’ll get the QR machine soon.


Over at the Museum, I donated my newly acquired Ancient Statue to Blathers. Is it real, or is it fake?!?


Yeah. It’s fake. Again. Sigh.

dailyblog-june152013-13 dailyblog-june152013-14

After some more lackluster common bugs, I stepped up my game and started submitting some of the rare Island bugs from the night before. Here comes the Bug series furniture!

dailyblog-june152013-15 dailyblog-june152013-16 dailyblog-june152013-17 dailyblog-june152013-18

A bit later, I had my friend Connor come over to Waikiki. Of course, being the kind person that he is, he planted Pitfalls all over my land.

The last one is particularly evil. Look at him just sitting on the stump waiting for me to fall into his hidden trap. 🙁

dailyblog-june152013-19 dailyblog-june152013-20

Once Connor left my town, it was back to submitting bugs for furniture! Here we have a Mini Butterfly Table.

dailyblog-june152013-21 dailyblog-june152013-22

And a Butterfly Wall..

dailyblog-june152013-23 dailyblog-june152013-24

Then finally, a Honeybee Chest!

dailyblog-june152013-25 dailyblog-june152013-26

After all of the Bug-Off shenanigans, I went around shaking my tree for reasons I can’t remember. Of course, I had an unfortunate meeting with the bees…

dailyblog-june152013-27 dailyblog-june152013-28 dailyblog-june152013-29

With my newly stung face, I took a trip over to Curtis’s (Prof Gallows) village (along with Jeremy and Jamie) where we listened to some KK Slider songs. I couldn’t take any airchecks home with me, but it was cool to hear some of the new songs.


After Club LOL, it was time to rush back home to Waikiki, just in time for the Bug-Off awards ceremony!

dailyblog-june152013-31 dailyblog-june152013-32 dailyblog-june152013-33 dailyblog-june152013-34

I easily snagged first place with the competition all the way down at 48 points! My villagers are pretty bad at catching bugs.


I bet this trophy will fit nicely in my house, along with the bonus HHA points!


Another cleverly hidden pitfall from Connor…


dailyblog-june152013-37 dailyblog-june152013-38

Lolly seems a bit jealous of Isabelle. 🙂

dailyblog-june152013-39 dailyblog-june152013-40

To match my recently customized Astro Dresser, I took in my Astro Bed to Cyrus for a matching customization. It’s looking great now!


This one was behind my house…


In my house, I paid off my recent home loan! Over to Nook’s Homes!

dailyblog-june152013-43 dailyblog-june152013-44

But unfortunately, I wasn’t yet able to schedule any expansion because I had two exterior parts coming in. The brick pavement should be nice.

dailyblog-june152013-45 dailyblog-june152013-46 dailyblog-june152013-47

To close the day off, I caught Isabelle sleeping on the job at the Town Hall! Shame on her! She did have some news though…

dailyblog-june152013-48 dailyblog-june152013-49

It was the Dream Suite project! I probably won’t be building it for a couple of days though, there are other things I’d like to do first.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’m still a week or so behind on my days, but it feels impossible to catch up at this rate. We’ll see though.

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Caleb Goldwaser

whered you get that atm in your huse


how do u have club lol so fast did u time travel?
how do u have club lol when u have nooking junksion?


Please read. It’s not my town.

“With my newly stung face, I took a trip over to Curtis’s (Prof Gallows) village (along with Jeremy and Jamie) where we listened to some KK Slider songs.”


I time traveled. 0_o o_0 Guilty

Courtney Sartin

I just saw lolly in a different town! She is sooooo cute!


couple of tips: stagger your trees instead of making a box-like grid so you can see the trunks easier (for bugs) and organize your flowerbeds a little. keep like flowers in one group with spaces for the hybrids to germinate and bloom.

Jacob Peter

how did you get so much bells that you got the abd?

Courtney Sartin

One time I went to club totimier, and they were selling silver axs, and I got about 10


Hm, my bug off was on the 15th. I wonder why…

Mike Honcho

As was Justin’s, his dates are in several screenshots.


Are you on the wrong month?

Mike Honcho

There’s like 4 or 5 photos with the date on them. 6th month is June, and funny enough, it’s June.


No, he’s not on the wrong month. He has acknowledged the fact that he is a quite a few days off from today’s date when posting these daily blogs.


Oooohhh that Connor!


I definitely find it handy. Thank you!