The Garden Shop & Gulliver Returns – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 7)

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I gotta say, the flower garden outside my house is really starting to come together. There aren’t as many hybrids as I would like, but I’ll get there.

dailyblog-june122013-2 dailyblog-june122013-3

I haven’t shown the interior of my house for a few days, so I made sure to get some photos.


Please stop villagers. ;-; What did I do to deserve these?


I met Gulliver on the beach again today, the first time since I met him on Day 1.


Once again, he asked for some help as to figuring out where he was heading. Here are the hints:

dailyblog-june122013-7 dailyblog-june122013-8 dailyblog-june122013-9

And… here’s the answer if you didn’t figure it out yet!


South Korea, of course! I mean, the pop hint pretty much gives it away.

dailyblog-june122013-11 dailyblog-june122013-12 dailyblog-june122013-13

Roscoe wanted to come over to my place a bit later. We settled on 2pm for the time.


I picked up a painting from Crazy Redd the other day, and took it to the Museum today. SHOCKING NEWS! It’s a fake!


In other Main Street news, the Garden Shop is now open for business!


I took a look inside and met Leif, the friendly Sloth owner. He’s nice. And pretty darn happy!


He had a happy axe too, which is perfect timing for my upcoming landscaping plans. I’ll reveal my work soon!


I took a quick visit over to my friend Hailey’s town where it was raining.  There were Coelacanths to be fished!


Back in Waikiki, I checked my daily fortune cookie. It was a Red Pikmin duplicate!

dailyblog-june122013-20 dailyblog-june122013-21

It was time to finish off the payment on my upcoming Suspension Bridge. It will be ready for use tomorrow morning!


On the island, I found a Mermaid Bed for sale. If I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m starting a Mermaid set room for my second floor.

dailyblog-june122013-23 dailyblog-june122013-24

After my Island trip, I hurried back home in time for my appointment with Roscoe. He got a sneak peek at my work-in-progress Mermaid room.



While I was in my house, I took advantage of my 7/11 ATM to pay off the next home loan. Let’s see what Tom Nook has to offer me next…


At this point in the home renovation chain, Tom Nook actually offered me the choice of how I wanted to expand next. Click here for my article on the House Expansions in New Leaf.


Personally, I choose to add a back room to my house. I plan to use it as an extra furniture storage room for the moment.

That’s all for today’s entry. As a side note, I will be on vacation by the time you read this, but I have a series of articles scheduled to go up automatically in the next few days. 🙂

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