Turnips & Yellow Bench – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 4)

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As it was Sunday, I was sure to hunt down Joan for some delicious turnips to purchase. She was selling at 104 Bells, which isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either. I bought about 300 of them at 30,000-ish Bells. Read on for the rest of today’s Daily Blog:


My first act as Mayor went into effect today, with the Night Owl ordinance established! Re-Tail will remain open until 2AM, and Nookling Junction until 11PM.


A pitfall?!? WHO DID THAT? It was Hazel, wasn’t it? I’m hunting you down…


Near my waterfall, a new villager named Bonbon is moving into Waikiki. It’s a bit close to my house actually, to the left. But I’ll make due I guess. Unless they’re another Hazel.


Weeds must be brutally destroyed with a shovel!


Beau asked me to find a pear for him. Unfortunately, Pear is not my native fruit but I had some extras in my storage.


It doesn’t end there though. He apparently found the…. milk can…. that I was hunting for. How did he know?!?


Over at my Nookling Junction, I had my friend over to visit. He had some very deep thoughts while looking out the window of Nookling Junction.


I had a talk with Hazel, my favourite villager! Since I love her so much, I gave her the loving gift of a net to the face! I don’t understand why, but she didn’t seem too impressed by my gift.

dailyblog-june92013-11 dailyblog-june92013-12

After abusing Hazel, I was back to speaking with Beau. He seemed to be a tad lost… You don’t even know where your house is?!? Come on!


I’ve been busy speaking to Sable every day to unlock the QR Machine, but I haven’t been making too much progress yet. She still won’t talk to me. 🙁


As some of you may know, every day Reese at Re-Tail pays double price for a random item or type of item. You can check the sign outside the store to find out.



It happened to be that in my friend Connor’s town, sharks were selling for double! On his first day!

dailyblog-june92013-16 dailyblog-june92013-17


While I was over at his town, I went AFK for a little bit. When I came back… well, just look at the screenshots. Connor has a bit of an obsession with digging holes.



Back at Main Street in Waikiki… I couldn’t agree more Opal.

dailyblog-june92013-19 dailyblog-june92013-20

Being the classy Red Pikmin that I am, I paid off my home loan INSIDE MY HOME. Yeah. Think about that for a second.

dailyblog-june92013-21dailyblog-june92013-22 dailyblog-june92013-23

I’m excited Tom Nook! Well, I’m excited about the expansion… I don’t know if I would say the same thing about the 198,000 Bells.


Back to abusing Hazel. I’m making some progress here.


It’s time to start my first Public Work Project! I decided to start off small with a simple and cheap Yellow Bench at 30,000 Bells. Let’s go find a good location Isabelle!


Looks like the Yellow Bench is going right about here! It’s nice and close to the river.


Technically, I could pay off the entire project tonight, but I’m going to wait a day so that I don’t waste all of my Bells!



I’ll leave you guys with an updated view of my house at this time. It’s only going to get bigger and better from this point on!

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Abusing ugly neighbors without going to jail…. Welcome to Animal Crossing!!! 😀

Christopher F.

My first project was a cobblestone bridge. My town has a looping river that made getting around a pain. One quick bridge (and 128k bells) later and problem solved!


I can’t bear to bring myself to pay that much for a bridge. Hahaha. Though I know I’ll eventually need one -__-

Christopher F.

Get your house upgraded and unlock the Resort Island. Borrow the fishing pole and the bug net. Walk slow circles around the island. Catch any bug you see on a tree (except for fruit beetles), and any large/shark size fish you see. There are *LOTS* of them. You’ll easily get a half dozen sharks every time you go, and those large fish can have Napoleon Fish as catches, which sell for as much as the sharks do. The cheapest tree beetle you’ll find (other than the fruit beetle, which is trash) is the dynastad (which sells for 1k), but most… Read more »

Matthew Seldon

Great, you beat up Hazel with a net!


I hate to break it to you, but Beau is a guy. Female villagers have pink nameplates, and male villagers have blue nameplates. I can see why you’d be confused though, he’s really cute.


Whoops! He is very cute.


I must be the only one around here who just ignores the neighbors I don’t like lol


I got the Yellow Bench, It’s been a few days now. I just built a wooden bridge! It’s so convenient!


Beau is a guy. You can tell by looking at the colour of their speech bubble names. Pink= Girl Blue= Boy..
I got my animal crossing new leaf special edition 3ds XL today! :DDDDDD
I’m playing it first thing tomorrow though to build up tension BD


Abusing hazel for no reason, yknow she’s the only villager i’ve got that’ll give you medicine when you need it. O.o she’s actually helpful. she may have the creepy unibrow but still.

Christopher F.

Also helps if you know that Beau means boyfriend, or a rich, fashionable young man.

Courtney Sartin

A japan player gave me about 3,000,000 bells. And I payed off my dept. She is so kind! We met at club totimer and traded our fc! It’s a nice place to meet people you don’t know!


i wish i had sharks for double, i keep getting them tonight aswell as saw sharks


What’s the item you used to pay off your home loan inside your home?
Awesome posts btw!