House Expansion, First Mannequin, and Turnips Sold! – Animal Crossing: New Leaf Daily Blog (Day 28)

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It looks like I’m going to need to sell elsewhere if my prices keep going this way… ouch! They’ve been going straight down pretty much all week long.


I made sure not to forget Medicine today, so I went straight to Super T&T to get it.

dailyblog-july32013-3 dailyblog-july32013-4

Just like yesterday, I gave Kitt the medicine to help her get better. Here’s hoping for her picture tomorrow…

dailyblog-july32013-5 dailyblog-july32013-6 dailyblog-july32013-7

While I was on Main Street already, I chatted with Sable at the Able Sisters. She had a gift for me… my very first Mannequin! I’ve been waiting for one of these.



It should be no surprise that my Link outfit went straight on the mannequin. Also, I placed it near the front of my house incase the clothes on it effect Feng Shui. (does it? I hope so)


After my disappointing turnips so far this week, I checked some forums I go to for a good price. Lucky for me, someone on NeoGAF had 560 Bells!

dailyblog-july32013-10 dailyblog-july32013-11 dailyblog-july32013-12 dailyblog-july32013-13


There’s all of my sellings! It took 4 trips between carrying the Bell bags and the turnips. Of course, I made sure to leave a tip for the host.

dailyblog-july32013-14 dailyblog-july32013-15


The first thing I did with my newfound riches was finish paying off my Museum Shop upgrade project. I desperately need the custom exhibit rooms to clear out my closet storage!



My bank balance after the turnip winnings and spending some of them. Although it’s all going to disappear again when Sunday comes back around…

dailyblog-july32013-17 dailyblog-july32013-18

I checked in with Tom Nook to view the exterior house parts for sale, but I was also reminded of my house expansion! I completely forgot! I’ll check that out a bit later.

dailyblog-july32013-19 dailyblog-july32013-20

I’ve been forgetting to get my daily emotion from Dr. Shrunk lately, so I made a special note to remember that today. You can check out the emotion I got above along with Dr. Shrunk!


Here’s a nice look at my newly arranged left side room, after the expansion today. Other than the wallpaper, the Modern Wood series is pretty much complete for me.

dailyblog-july32013-22 dailyblog-july32013-23 dailyblog-july32013-24 dailyblog-july32013-25

And last but not least, here are my Fortune Cookie winnings for the day! Not too intrigued by either of them to be honest.

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